After a decade of individual management of the acquired sovereignties in the 60s, the African Heads of State and Government have decided to group into regions to be able to sustain their achievements and open up avenues for the development of their respective countries.

Thus, several community groupings have come to life including the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). The Head of States and Governments, in their move to ensure that the community road users are safe, have established a scheme for automatic cover and claims settlement in order to foster free movement of persons and goods as per the provisions of Articles 32, 33 and 34 (transport, communication and Tourism) of the Community Treaty on roads and motor vehicles within ECOWAS region.


  • To facilitate free movement for international motorists within the community
  • To enable international carriers to comply with motor vehicles insurance requirements in force in the community member countries,
  • To enhance the development of trade and tourism exchanges among states
  • To establish a common scheme for the settlement of claims arising from free movement of goods and persons within ECOWAS;
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  • Based on what is said above, it appears that motorists have a psychological freedom which sets them free from fears that may assail them in case of accident in a country different from their country of residence. In other words, motorists can now move freer within the sub-region.
  • Thus, first of all, holding a brown card provides full cover to motorist for a prompt, fair and immediate settlement for accident that they may have caused outside their usual country.
  • Second, the motorist bearer of the Card is as well treated as if the basic insurance policy were underwritten with a company operating in the country visited by the motorist or through which he/she is transiting.
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