The First Zonal Meeting of the year 2017 took place in Lomé (Republic of TOGO) from 11th to 12th May,2017 at Hotel La Concorde. The meeting was preceded by Executive Committee meeting which was also held at the same venue on Wednesday, the 10th of May 2017


Out of the fourteen (14) member states, twelve (12) were represented at the meeting. The participants were drawn from the National Bureaux, the Insurance market including and the National Insurance Commissions. Below is the list of countries that were present:

  1. BENIN
  5. GHANA
  8. MALI
  9. NIGER
  12. TOGO

The following National Bureaux were absent:


2.National Insurance Commissions

Insurance Commissioners of the following member states were also present namely:



       3. TOGO


II-1. Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony was essentially marked by three major speeches. These include:

  • Welcome address by the President of the TOGO National Bureau;
  • Speech by Chairman of the Council of Bureaux;
  • Speech by the Guest of Honour: The Commissioner of Insurance TOGO

II-1.1  Welcome address by the President of the TOGO National Bureau

 In his welcome address, Mr. GBIKPI Daté Claude, President of the host country’s bureau, wished all participants a warm welcome to Lomé.

He called on the various participants to take all the necessary measures to guarantee prompt settlement of trans-border claims; which is the main objective of the ECOWAS Brown Card Scheme.

He also reminded the participants about some important reflexions concerning the Scheme. Among such reflexions are the institutional anchorage with the mother body (ECOWAS Commission) and the separation of the Brown Card activities from that of the Associations.

He indicated that plans are far advanced for the TOGO National Bureau to be separated from the Association. This, according to him will happen by the end of the year 2017.

He reaffirmed his ultimate support for the Scheme in all other areas and initiatives which will be adopted toward the improvement and development of the Scheme.

Before whishing the participants a fruitful deliberations and successful meeting; he also advised the participants to be diligent in their work and make sure that citizens of the sub-region benefit from the ECOWAS Brown Card Scheme.

II-1.2  Speech by the Chairman of the Council of Bureaux

 In his speech, Mr. Godfried Love DJANIE, first and foremost expressed his gratitude to the Government of people of TOGO and the TOGO National Bureau for the warm reception and acceptance to host this very important conference.

He reminded the participants that this significant meeting should serve as a platform for exchange of information regarding the Scheme, the automatic issuance of the Brown Card certificate, settlement and payment of claims to road accident victims within the ECOWAS Space. These must be seen as major priorities at this meeting.

He urged the various National Bureaux to cooperate with the Permanent General Secretariat in the area of getting every National Bureau on the same wave length with the automatic issuance of the Brown Card certificates.

This measures, according to him, will help consolidate the financial base of the Scheme to help discharge promptly and adequately its responsibilities and commitments to claimants.

He also seized the opportunity to call on National Bureaux with outstanding contribution to the budget of the Council to honour their obligation accordingly.

II-1.3  Opening address by the Guest of Honour

In his opening remark, he was very pleased to host this meeting and wished every participant a very warm welcome to Lomé -TOGO;

He was quick to remind the gathering about the paramount objective of the Scheme; which is prompt and equitable payment of claim. He then continued by enumerating the challenges that the Scheme was faced with since its inception namely:

  1. The delay with claim payment;
  2. Non-payment of contributions to Council’s budget;
  3. Failure to constitute the guarantee fund of 174.000 UA;

He therefore called on all authorities and key stakeholders to do a retrospective assessment of the Scheme in order to find a lasting solution to these difficulties.

By so doing and wishing all participants a fruitful and successful meeting; he declared the first Zonal meeting of the year 2017 opened.

II-2  Discussion of paper presentations

During the meeting, three papers were presented on the following topics:

  • Automatic Issuance of brown card certificates – The Ghanaian experience presented by Mr. Gabriel GLOVER member of Executive Committee;
  • Automatic Issuance of brown card certificate – The Côte d’Ivoire experience presented by   DICOH Balamine member of Executive Committee;
  • Presentation on general health with emphasis on prostate cancer and high blood pressure presented by Dr  Adoula Nyabenda-Gomwa and  Dr Sedzro Israël.

As it were, the first two presentations which were based on automatic issuance of brown card certificate were concluded on the following advantages:

  • Solvability of National Bureaux;
  • Setting of 174 000 UA guarantee fund by National Bureau as per the Protocol;
  • Constitution of compensation fund to settle claim to innocent victims of hit and run cases where cover have expired or inexistent.

These discussions presented excellent opportunities to other member States in particular Nigeria, who are yet to start the implementation of the automatic issuance of the brown card certificates.

The case was made for them based on the advantages presented to take all necessary measures toward the education and sensitization of their respective markets for a successful implementation of the automatic issuance of the Brown Card certificate.

The third presentation which was uniquely based on health, attracted a lot of interesting debate among participants. They were of the view that in future meetings and conferences, initiatives such as these should be considered.

 II-3   Inter-Bureaux Meetings

This platform also provided the opportunity for examination of various claim files. This resulted in total claim settlement and exchange, which is amounted to Two Hundred and Fifty Nine Million, Four Hundred and Seventeen thousand, Eight Hundred and Nineteen FCFA

(259, 417,819) FCFA.

In addition arbitration panels were constituted for some contentious cases among the following National Bureaux: