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Before Brown Card, we knew what is commonly called the geographical cover extension.  This calls for compensation for accidents caused by citizens or nationals of a given state outside its geographical boarders.

 These provisions are drawn from bilateral conventions or agreements entered into by insurance companies of neighboring countries. As a matter of fact, in many cases this geographical extension is not supported by any such agreement. This cover is termed “by extension” whereas the needed external supports are not in place in advance. Thus there are situations whereby the motorists do not know whom to talk to when an accident occurred.

In most cases, these bilateral agreements were tacit, informal and void of any legal ground.  They were simple verbal agreements which are not recognized by the state.


Besides, it is worth noting the difficulty to immediately provide evidences of financial guarantees when the visiting motorists are involved in accidents that required a high amount of money for the settlement.


In most cases, the motorist is detained and his vehicle impounded until when the required financial guarantee for the claim settlement is given. Such situation is not meant to enhance the free movement of persons, goods and services within the sub region. But now, we can realize that Brown Card Scheme has put in place an agreement wherein the governments are the main participants to the project. The Insurance Companies are involved because of own the needed know-how and technology for a smooth running of the scheme.


Guarantees are immediately available. Thus, the visiting motorist enjoys the privilege of a fair treatment and has the same guarantee such as those given to the residing motorists.