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The Brown Card Scheme is an Insurance Project. As such, it is social based mechanism conceived and launched in order to facilitate and provide financial guarantee to the movements of motorists and their vehicle within the sub region. The scheme is a nonprofit making organization. All segments of the population are urged to perform particular functions so that it can function smoothly.

First, all motor Insurance companies capable of writing motor insurance should cooperate with the National Bureau and issue Brown Card to their insured.

Secondly, the National Bureau, in its capacity of an agency in charge of issuing the Brown Card and the management of claims which may result from the use of the card must absolutely play its role with due diligence. This would contribute to strengthen the scheme’s credibility.

Thirdly, the police in member states should make sure that all motorists crossing the boarders of their state hold a valid Brown Card. The Scheme cannot play the role assigned to it insofar as the Brown Card is not considered a compulsory traveling document.

Fourth, inter-states drivers must display probity by putting brown card in their traveling documents. One of the objectives of the Scheme is to facilitate their trade activities and spare them financial troubles in the event of an accident far from their home territory.

As a matter of fact, time wasted at the police station and at tribunals in such circumstances cannot but be detrimental to their commercial activities. Holding Brown Card is also relevant to all other motorists who must leave their national territory.

Finally, government agencies in charge of insurance, trade, transport and economic development should come together and serve as middle agencies between the National Bureaux and the government authorities. They must fully support the National Bureaux in all provisions aiming at improving upon the functioning of the Scheme in their respective countries. Besides, one should recall that the Scheme is an enterprise for common interest between governments.