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The Council of Bureaux

The Council of Bureau (hereinafter referred to as the Council, ) is hereby established.
The Council shall consist of on full fledged representative and one alternate representative of ECOWAS as well as one full fledged representative and one alternate representative selected from each National Bureau. It shall appoint on rotatory basis its Chairman and Vice-chairman the members present shall elect one representative to preside over the meeting.

The Council shall hold its first meeting not later than two months after the entry into force of this Protocol at the Executive Secretariat of ECOWAS which shall be the Temporary Headquarters of the Council until such a time the Council may decide on its Headquarters.

The Council shall meet at least once a year at a place and on a date which it shall determine. On the initiative of its Chairman or at the request of at least on third of its members, a meeting of the Council may be summoned by invitation to members at least 30 days before such a meeting

The Council shall itself establish the agenda for its meetings, and only items included in the agenda shall be discussed. Items proposed in writing to the Chairman by at least a quarter of the members not less than ten days before the meeting shall be included in the agenda.

Each member of the Council shall have one vote, with the exception of decisions under paragraph 12 of Article 6, decisions of the Council shall be by a simple majority vote; decisions shall require the presence of the representatives of at least half the members.

The Council shall appoint the Chairman who shall hold office for one year and coordinate the activities of the Council.

The Council shall establish its annual budget and shall fix the annual contributions to be paid by members which shall be an equal amount as among the members.

The Council shall have a general function of orientation, coordination and supervision over the whole of the ECOWAS Insurance Scheme established by this Protocol.

The Council shall determine the form and content of the ECOWAS BROWN CARD

The Council shall coordinate the operation of the National Bureaux. For this purpose, it shall prepare a standard inter-Bureaux contract which shall be signed by all Bureaux and which the Council alone shall be entitled to amend.

This contract shall in particular determine the maximum amounts for the delegation of owner of settlement by one National Bureau to another, and the minimum handling fee payable for each case handled by them.

Any dispute between two or more National Bureaux as to the interpretation on application of this Protocol shall be referred to Council.

The Council shall decide the dispute on absolute majority. The decision shall be notified to all the National Bureaux and the Council shall see to its execution.

The Council shall on its own initiative or on the initiative of any Government party to this Protocol consider and, if it deems it advisable, propose changes in the laws or regulations of the parties to this Protocol with a view to improving the functioning of the ECOWAS BROWN CARD scheme, or to harmonising the systems of compensation for damages occasioned by road traffic accidents, or to improving accident prevention