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Brown Card Scheme is an insurance project.  As such, it is a social device designed and introduced to facilitate and give financial guarantees to the movement of motorists and their vehicles across our sub-region . (suite…)

You must always remember that your Brown covers you once you covers you once you leave your country of usual residence . So, in the event of an accident and for you to derive full benefit from the scheme, you must do the following: (suite…)

The Brown Card is issued on the basis of an original third party insurance cover. So, for you to obtain one, you must go back to the insurance company that issued you with your normal motor insurance cover. Only this insurance company can deliver your Brown Card to you.

The question of how much you will pay for your Brown Card is a matter for the National Bureau of your country to decide.

The major concern of the Brown Card Scheme at this moment is to guarantee compensation for material damage, death and bodily injury caused only to third parties. This is simply because compulsory third party cover forms the minimum requirement of the laws of the countries of the sub-region.