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What is expected of each one of us if the Scheme must function smoothly ?

Brown Card Scheme is an insurance project.  As such, it is a social device designed and introduced to facilitate and give financial guarantees to the movement of motorists and their vehicles across our sub-region .

  1. Firstly, the insurers authorized to carry out motor insurance business must cooperate with their National Bureau and issue the Brown Card to their insured.
  2. Secondly, the national Bureau as the organ responsible for issuing the Card and handling claims arising from the use of this Card must do everything to remain prompt in carrying out its tasks; this will instill credibility in the Scheme.
  3. Thirdly, the State police must ensure that all motorists entering or leaving their States national boundary hold a valid Brown Card . The Scheme serves no useful purpose if the card does not become a compulsory travelling document. Fourthly, the across-border transporters and drivers must behave responsibly by ensuring that their travelling papers include/Brown Card; the Scheme is primarily aimed at making things easy for their trade and at freeing them from financial embarrassment should they cause an accident far from home. Long delays at police stations and court rooms are too detrimental to their business. This also goes for all other classes of motorists who may have cause to leave their national territory.
  4. Finally, the Government agencies responsible for insurance, trade, transport and economic development must act as collective intermediaries between the National Bureau and the State Authorities. in this way , they must give full support to the National Bureau in all arrangements aimed at improving the operations of the Scheme in their own country. Beside, we must recall that the Scheme is a government to government affair