Modalities for claim settlement

  • Where the claims arising does not exceed 3.000 UA per accident, the handling Bureau shall settle and notify the issuing Bureau which shall reimburse the Handling Bureau.
  • Where the settlement is above 3.000 UA per accident the handling Bureau shall have to obtain prior approval of the Issuing Bureau and that of its member which delivered the Brown Card before the effective payment of the claim.
  • Notwithstanding anything contained in this Agreement, the Handling Bureau may request from the Issuing Bureau immediate payment of any loss settlement which equals or exceeds 10.000 UA. Measures shall be taken in such that the additional time limit due to this request does not cause any further damage to the victims.

The Handling Bureau may agree on an advance payment of not more than 3.000 UA to the third party.

  • The handling Bureau shall be entitled to handling fees amounting to 3% of the amount of claims settled by it subject to the maximum of 1.000 UA.
  • For claims which have been closed without payment a flat fee of 100 UA shall be due to it.